Family safety

Digital door viewer is a security product easy to use and practical.

Is an essential tool for the family, considered as the last line of defense.

With the digital door viewer, visitors can see more clearly and intuitively, avoiding any potential risk to the safety of strangers.


Easy to use

When rings the doorbell, just press the power button to start the camera and the screen, so images are clearly outside the viewfinder.

With the new peephole 751 the doorbell button is at peephole so the visitor only has to press the doorbell button and the camera automatically and the display will become operational. Also, be recorded an image of the caller if you are not into your house.

Door peephole


More features

The family of digital peepholes EXITEC continues to grow, the new model 751 offers new features over its predecessor:

The viewport has a built-ring automatically display photos and records of calls made. You can easily know who has visited in his absence.

You can record photos and video at any time by simply pressing a button.

Nueva mirilla 751


Easy installation

Installation is simple, fitting into the hole universal for any peephole of a conventional door.

The peephole assembly can be done by anyone in less than 3 minutes.

Digital peephole components
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